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Diddy’s Son King Combs Reveals How His Dad Is ‘Holding Up’ Amid Legal Drama

Diddy’s son, King Combs, shared that his father is “good” amid ongoing legal battles. While in Los Angeles with his brother Justin, they were approached by paparazzi. Despite attempts by their brother Quincy to divert attention to an upcoming project, King Combs stayed silent on the matter.

Last month, he faced his own legal trouble with a sexual assault lawsuit, naming both him and his father as defendants. The plaintiff alleges that the assault occurred just before Diddy‘s New Year’s Eve yacht party, which was advertised as a family-friendly event but allegedly turned into a different atmosphere.

“Like father, like son,” commented attorney Tyrone Blackburn, representing both O’Marcaigh and producer Lil Rod in response to the lawsuit against King Combs and Diddy. Blackburn criticized Christian Combs for allegedly following his father’s behavior pattern.

Aaron Dyer, attorney for King Combs and Diddy, dismissed the lawsuit, focusing on Blackburn’s credibility. Dyer labeled the claims as baseless, comparing them to previous suits Blackburn has filed. Dyer highlighted a recent federal judge‘s rebuke of Blackburn’s tactics and indicated plans to file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.


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