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Rick Ross Gets Backlash for His Car and Bike Show

Complaints Arise from Rick Ross’ Car Show

Rick Ross hosted his third annual Car & Bike Show over the weekend at his Promise Land estate in Fayetteville, Georgia. The event, held on June 1, drew over 12,000 attendees who came to see hundreds of customized and exotic cars and bikes. Despite the event seeming to run smoothly, many people voiced their dissatisfaction in the comments of Ross’ Instagram posts, highlighting various issues they experienced.

“The fact that you sold tickets but ppl who traveled over 7+ hours couldn’t get in and were turned away!” one person wrote. “That’s bad business & will never support this AGAIN.”

“Waited in line for five hours to get on a bus, only to be told they don’t have anymore wristbands, and you can’t get on the bus with no wristband,” another commenter posted. “This whole process was a zoo, from the wrong address, had us all going to somebody’s house, to trying to find and get into the parking place after the fact, and the shuttle situation. My first and last time doing this s**t.”

Other attendees echoed these sentiments, expressing frustration with the event’s organization. Many pointed out that the logistics, from parking to transportation, were poorly managed. Some even mentioned that the lack of communication from the event organizers added to the chaos and confusion. Despite the impressive display of cars and bikes, the overall experience left a bad taste in the mouths of many who attended.

Someone else commented, “I didn’t get a chance to go inside because of the shuttle services and the extremely long lines. I spent my hard-earned money and was disappointed.”

Rick Ross’ latest car show comes after pushback from the previous year. Before the 2023 show, the rapper’s neighbors urged the city to deny his permit, citing traffic headaches and noise pollution caused by the inaugural car show in 2022. After some back and forth between the city and Rozay’s legal team, the show was allowed to take place.

Despite the event’s popularity and the impressive collection of cars and bikes on display, the logistical issues overshadowed the experience for many attendees. The long waits, transportation problems, and miscommunication left several fans feeling let down.

See footage from Rick Ross’ third annual Car & Bike Show and read more complaints below.



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