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Snoop Dogg Shouts Out on Kendrick Lamar Over his Victory on Drake Diss: Watch

A recently surfaced video on X depicts rapper Snoop Dogg casually smoking while filming what appears to be a yet-to-be-released music video. What’s sparked interest is a lyrical snippet in the track, seemingly giving a nod to Kendrick Lamar amidst the recent tensions involving Drake. Although the audio isn’t entirely clear, there’s a line that hints at “Cold cockin’, K Dottin’, ’cause I’m humblin’ n****s,” alluding to Kendrick’s former moniker, K Dot.

To provide some background, Drake employed AI technology to mimic Snoop Dogg’s style in his track “Taylor Made Freestyle,” seemingly aiming to elicit a response from Kendrick Lamar. Additionally, Drake faced backlash for using Tupac’s voice without authorization, resulting in legal threats from Tupac’s estate. It appears Drake’s attempts to leverage the legacies of these iconic Compton figures for his own purposes didn’t pan out as intended.

While tensions simmered within the estate, Snoop Dogg woke up, possibly still feeling the effects of his previous night’s activities, to a barrage of messages about the track. Taking to Instagram, he expressed his surprise but kept his words vague. Yet, his sign-off was marked by cryptic questions, a knowing smile, and a subtle flash of the Death Row logo on his clothing, hinting at potential rap drama brewing from Compton.

In contrast, Kendrick Lamar swiftly entered the fray with a fiery LA anthem, “Not Like Us,” effectively ending the dispute. However, Snoop’s air of mystery suggested that his response might manifest through his music. The recent snippet could be a tease of an upcoming project. Will he have more to convey to Drake besides hinting at Kendrick’s triumph? The anticipation mounts as we await further developments!

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