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Rick Ross Drake Champagne Moments

Rick Ross Reveals Some Facts About Drake Diss Song Champagne Moment

In addition to disclosing the producer’s age, Rick Ross also hinted at the potential source of the young rapper’s talent in his Drake diss track “Champagne Moments.”

Rozay disclosed on Thursday, April 25, on his Instagram Story that the producer, who is 16 years old, is still a young kid.

“What’s the age of the child who created ‘Champagne Moments?'” he asked. 16. Yes, it is correct. sixteen years old. The 16-year-old boy is the famous director Benny Boom’s son.

Yes, he is known as Mini Boom. Huge affection! You guys are very sweet to my little friend. Head of State.

This week, Rick Ross released a taunt-filled music video for the song, further escalating his feud with Drake.

The video, which was made by Shula The Don, features Rozay standing next to a vintage car, bottles of Belaire Rosé, and Bumbu rum—not-so-subtle declarations of his financial prowess.

The MMG billionaire mocks Drake for supposedly having stomach surgery by pointing and grinning at the camera, flashing off his belly, and burning off a joint before promoting his yearly car and bike exhibition.

“Champagne Moments,” which was released in reaction to Drake’s own diss song “Push Ups,” also included Rick Ross accusing Drake of having nose surgery to make him look more “white.”

“N-gga, you ain’t never want to be one anyway. In the song’s outro, he stated, “That’s why you had surgery to make your nose smaller than your father’s nose, n-gga.”

It also clarifies why the two former partners fell out in the first place: “N-gga, I unfollowed you because you sent French Montana a motherfucking cease-and-desist. You hated my dog project so much that you sent the police, n-gga.”

Drake promptly responded to the taunts on Instagram by sharing a text exchange with his mother in which he mentions the slur about the nose job.


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