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Atlanta born rapper. Dominique Armani Jones, fondly known as Lil Baby has just dropped a new song he Titled “Woah”. This impressive song serves as the fifth track on this album, he tagged “My Turn.

On the track, Lil Baby dig his haters and raps about the affluence of his lifestyle. The song is seemingly named after the “Woah,” a well known dance that originated in Texas in the mid-2010s and went viral on the Internet, most especially on TikTok.

This song was offered production support by music producers, Quay Global, this track was released on November 8, 2019

Quotable Lyrics:

I put the dope in the back of the car and I tell ’em to go
She hit when she land, she bring me the bands, she back on the road
She know how I get when I get in that mode
Ain’t fuckin’ with bitches, ain’t buying no clothes
Wanna do shows and make me some songs
Make sure that other shit come in, get sold
We fuck with the strippers ’cause we play with poles
We play with our money and not with our nose
I used to go to the West to get loads
I just came back from the West with a trophy
I’m on some more shit
She said she miss it and sendin’ emojis
No time to kick it, I’m always in motion
Can’t say I miss you, I don’t got emotions
I’m on that back-when-I slept-on-the-floor shit
I’m on that me-and-the-bro-kick-a-door shit
I’m on that back-when-I-stood-at-the-stove shit
Ain’t goin’ broke, I’m just back on my old shit
I’m takin’ drugs, I don’t know how to cope it
I know one thing, I’m never gon’ be hopeless
If you tell ’em what was said, you a rodent
Drive the new Corvette like it’s stolen, yeah

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