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Kanye West’s Vinyl Record with Anti-Adidas Message Being Sold at Big Auction

A Kanye West album signed by Kanye himself is up for auction. He wrote on it while he was in Paris in February. The album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” has “FUCK ADIDAS” and “YE” written on the front. Now, it’s being sold by Moment in Time. They want at least $500,000 for it. Take a look at the pictures of the album and the moment Kanye signed it.

As Kanye and his wife, Bianca Censori, left The Ritz hotel in Paris, they were surrounded by fans chanting, “Fuck adidas.” Kanye, wearing a mask, seemed to support the chant. When a fan asked him to sign a vinyl copy of his album, he took the opportunity to write “FUCK ADIDAS” on it.

During this time, Kanye was publicly criticizing adidas for selling new versions of his Yeezy shoes without his involvement. He even posted on Instagram, urging people not to buy the shoes and accusing adidas of suing him. He felt frustrated that people were quick to criticize small things about him but didn’t speak up when he faced serious issues with his business partners.

Kanye further explained his situation with adidas in a video. He accused adidas of releasing unauthorized shoe colors and not paying him for shoes with his name on them. He said adidas is using legal tactics to take advantage of him, despite being one of people’s favorite artists.

Their partnership ended in October 2022 after Kanye made antisemitic remarks. Adidas also withheld money owed to him.

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