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Tyson Fury Oleksandr fight

Drake Bets $565K on Tyson Fury to Beat Oleksandr Fight

Drake has transitioned his focus from Hip Hop rivalries to boxing showdowns, placing a hefty wager of more than half a million dollars on the upcoming fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

Scheduled for Saturday (May 18), the highly anticipated battle currently sees Fury as the favored contender among bookmakers, as indicated by live reports from the event.

In an update shared via his Instagram story on Friday (May 17), the renowned artist, often referred to as the “6 God,” revealed his bold move, staking a staggering $565,000 on the preferred fighter endorsed by the bookmakers. Utilizing the Stake app for his transaction, Drake stands to pocket just over $1 million if his selected fighter emerges victorious.

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Despite experiencing a setback in his previous betting endeavors, notably losing nearly $1 million on a Logan Paul fight due to an unexpected disqualification, Drake remains undeterred in his penchant for high-stakes wagers.

The Mirror detailed how social media sensation Logan Paul emerged victorious over Dillon Danis in their Manchester bout on October 14, albeit through a disqualification. Drake, who had placed a hefty $850,000 bet via the Stake platform for Paul’s victory, was left empty-handed as the victory did not align with his prediction of a knockout. Had Paul won in the manner Drake anticipated, the rapper would have pocketed a substantial $1.3 million.

This incident isn’t an isolated case of Drake’s ventures into the world of online betting. As reported by GrandPrix, the Canadian artist, who holds a stake in the Stake platform, has been actively engaging in virtual gambling, with bets totaling close to $1 billion since 2021.

Drake’s gambling exploits extend beyond boxing matches. In September 2023, he wagered a hefty $500,000 on Israel Adesanya to secure a knockout victory against Sean Strickland at UFC 293.

The 6 God’s willingness to place sizable bets on sporting events is evident in his support for fighters like Nate Diaz, a sentiment he expressed to TMZ ahead of Diaz’s showdown with Jake Paul. Drake placed a substantial $250,000 wager in favor of Diaz, citing loyalty to the Diaz brothers. However, Paul emerged triumphant via unanimous decision, resulting in another setback for Drake’s betting ventures.

Despite occasional losses, Drake’s enthusiasm for betting on sporting events remains steadfast, showcasing his unwavering confidence and willingness to take risks in pursuit of potential gains.


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