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2 Chainz Halo

2 chainz Revealed that son “Halo” Quit Entrepreneurial Spirit

Halo, the son of 2 Chainz, has demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial mentality.

The rapper “Presha” took to Instagram on Friday, April 19, sharing a humorous video of his little man flaunting the money he made from selling acorns at school.

Asking where the money came from, Halo clutched several $20 dollars.

He said, “All right, I’ll tell you.” Thus, we were in school. It felt just like the previous month. And I made about $60 because Charles and I had divided up a small project where acorns were $20 apiece.

“It was actually supposed to be $100 because Charles and I split it,” he continued. However, Charles didn’t actually receive any money. The next scene in the video footage shows Halo calculating his money on top of a table before realizing he had made $80.


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He captioned the photo, saying, “I forgot this dam boy was trafficking acorns at school a few months ago [laughing emoji] @kinghalo @meandhalo.”

The video is just one of many places where 2 Chainz’s youngster has shown off his goofy side.

The Atlanta rapper and his son, Me and Halo, discussed what it would take to get booked for an appearance in a 2023 footage from an episode of their podcast. Halo made it plain that he’s not like his father and doesn’t play games when it comes to getting the bag.

The seven-year-old remarked, “Someone wanna book me, I’m talking at least like $50,000,” to his father’s startled expression.

However, it was mentioned that he may take a reduced rate—possibly as low as $500—for people who are financially strapped.


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