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Yungeen Ace 50 Cent

Yungeen Ace Sent 50 Cent a Request Amidst of his Weapon Arrest

Following the rapper’s imprisonment on firearms charges, Florida native Yungeen Ace made an intriguing request to 50 Cent.

On Monday, April 22, the “Opps” rapper asked the G-Unit icon on Instagram if he would direct a biopic about his life.

“@50cent,” he wrote. I’m attempting to contact you regarding a film that is based on my life.

Morever, after this particular request from the rapper came up online, fans have really been taking about it as the inline topic of the day, but the G Unit Mogul has not really said anything about it for then to know if he is going to accept the request of not.

Keyanta Bullard, also known as Yungeen Ace, was taken into custody last week in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, on suspicion of carrying a handgun.

Some reporters were able to obtain arrest documents indicating that on April 15, the 26-year-old was stopped by police for failing to stop at a four-way intersection.


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The rapper was first detained for not having a valid driver’s license, but once his car was searched, it was discovered that he had seven guns—a weapon that a convicted felon is not permitted to possess in the state of Florida.

The next day, Yungeen Ace was arraigned in a Duval County courtroom and then freed on bond.

There are other stories that may be spun off from his arrest. Ace gained notoriety in September 2023 after his social security number was revealed and supporters tried to enlist him in the military.

Julio Foolio, the rapper’s opponent, posted a video of Ace on social media, accusing him of “snitching,” which sparked the incident.


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