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We Balling Again Stove God Cooks

Watch “We Balling Again” by Stove God Cooks and Stoupe

The latest single by Stove God Cooks and producer Stoupe, “We Balling Again,” continues their winning run.

Fans of theirs Don’t still believe that the two rapper can actually cook something that nice together, but right now, their collaboration has become a talk off town in among their fans.

The two rapper actually did an incredible work on the project “We Balling Again” which was released not so long ego,  moreover, they have also did a very interesting video which is serving as a company to the news music project.

Rapper Stoupe, who was born and raised in Syracuse, maintains his clever and streetwise lyrics over his easygoing instrumental.

They attempt to convince a child that he wasn’t a legend. Tell them, “This is how we turn a thirty-six to heaven: I just turned a triple six into a seven. Turn my plug to a reverend.”

The song “We Balling Again” follows the pair’s March release of “Carbon.”



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