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Lucky Daye HERicane

Watch Lucky Daye “HERicane” Video

With “HERicane,” his upcoming single, Lucky Daye makes a comeback. His new album is anticipated.

Lucky Daya has really told the world the love part of his live, although not in full details, but the rapper opened up on a particular love story that will really interest everyone who claims to be his fan

The New Orleans crooner opens up about his crush on his love interest in a production produced by D’Mile.

Moreover, a lot off people actually feels is very good, with the way the story was going, its wasn’t actually as bad new, fans are already talking about this new release of the New  Orleans rapper.

He sings, “If you want it, don’t let me go, hold on, just ride.” “I’ll take you to the top floor, baby.” “What would you like to do? I promise to drive you through midnight and into the center of the hurricane. Let it rain, darling, let it rain.

The song “HERicane” is the sequel to “That’s You,” which was released in 2018.


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