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Watch 44EVER Video by Logic

With the release of its music video for “44ever,” Logic’s latest offering in his 44 music series, he returns to the genre.

Produced by Postman and 6ix, two of the industry’s best producers, Rappy Gilmore shows off his lyrical prowess from inside a spacecraft.

He raps, “Not many can fuck with me, feel like Mick Jagger in ’76, huh, got ’em all on my dick / Bobby Boy bringing that kick like Kung Fu Kenny.” “Motherfucker finna run and get the gun. Ayy, one to the one, come get it done, know I never run. A lot of you fuck with me, and I’m thankful they stuck with me.”

“44 Bars” marked the start of Logic’s 44 series in 2016, while “44 More” was the follow-up in 2018. It is anticipated that “44ever” will be included on his forthcoming Ultra 85 album, which has already produced the hit “Fear.”


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