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Trippie Redd Mourns Chris King “I’m So Hurt”

Trippie Redd, Chris King’s longtime buddy and partner from California, is expressing his sorrow over the death of the rapper.

On Saturday, April 20, Trippie Redd announced the news to his Instagram fans.

He wrote, “I am so hurt and I can’t even think I love you, bro. Come back!” “@whoischrisking [emoji for heartbreak] I’m never able to get a break.”

Although there are few and evolving details about Chris King’s death, it is known that Significant Records had him booked to perform at an event in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, April 19. King was in Nashville that day, as his most recent Instagram post verified.

I’m currently spending @sincere_aob day at CANNAFEST in Nashville, Tennessee, and I’m meeting and performing with a variety of stoners and artists, including myself. I’m grateful that @significantrecords invited me. Come on, pull up!” You can see what he wrote in the caption below.

Being a part of 2Much, which was signed to Chris Stokes’ label The Ultimate Group (also known as TUG), allowed King—real name Christopher Stacy Cheeks Jr.—to begin his career in the music industry.

Chris King revealed in a 2019 interview with Complex that he was captivated to Trippie Redd because of the style of his songs.

“To start with, it was the music. It was pretty fancy music. He remarked, “The music was really powerful. “I have never heard anyone scream and sound melodically on tracks like that.” Not only that, but what he was discussing was his subject matter as well.

Around 2016, Trippie was discovered on Instagram, and King brought the budding rapper to Los Angeles.


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