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Sean Kingston Mom

Sean Kingston and His Mother Accused of Committing $1 Million Worth of Fraud and Theft Read More: Sean Kingston, Mother Accused of $1 Million Worth of Fraud

Sean Kingston, the singer, is in trouble with the law. Reports from WSVN 7 News claim that he and another person are accused of stealing lots of valuable things, like jewelry and money, over a few months. They’re said to have taken stuff from different places, like a bank, a car dealership, and even a bed maker. The police also say they used someone else’s identity in a dishonest way.

A deputy told the news that Kingston, with his fame, tricked people into giving him things without paying for them. Now, he’s behind bars in California, waiting to go to court. The court date is set for Tuesday, May 28. After that, he might be sent back to Florida to face the charges there.

Kingston’s lawyer says they’re ready to deal with these accusations in court and are confident things will turn out well for Kingston and his mom.

This isn’t the first time Kingston has faced legal issues. He and his mom have been sued before. In one case, they owed a lot of money to a watch seller. Then, a jeweler took them to court for scamming them out of expensive items. Recently, a company sued Kingston for not paying for a huge TV they installed in his home. The company says Kingston promised to make commercials with Justin Bieber, but that never happened, and Bieber wasn’t involved in the deal at all.

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