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Ray J Tattoo

Ray J Just Confirmed that his Bizarre Face Tattoo isn’t Permanent

Ray J acknowledged on social media last week that the face tattoos he displayed will eventually fade.

The musician said the ink that worried his fans and followers is not permanent during an Instagram Live on Saturday, April 27.

“Well, everyone, the tattoos are almost finished,” he said. It has already begun to have an effect. I did try to clean them off, you know? I gave it a shot, applying henna or whatever, but I ended up doing it again. It got really dark because I had already done it and had had them do it again just before I left.

After revealing new facial tattoos that he claimed he intentionally got to make himself appear “unattractive,” the 43-year-old raised eyebrows.


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The reality star revealed his new tattoos on Instagram in late April. They include stars beneath his eyes, his children’s names next to his ears, a P on the side of his skull, and a large block letter T on his cheek.

Yes, I do appear really ugly at this point. In the video, he stated, “There he go.” “I have facial tattoos. As a result, I am unable to produce any more films or television shows. Now that I’m all in, n-gga. You sense that I’m not wearing any makeup?

Yes, I intentionally did this because I don’t want to be assigned another call time. What better approach to accomplish my goal of making the call time than by simply adorning your body with your beliefs?

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