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Nicki Minaj FTCU

Nicki Minaj’s “FTCU” hit the Major Milestone on Released Day

Nicki Minaj is still winning awards, as seen by the new heights that her 2023 hit song “FTCU” has achieved.

The Recording Industry Association of America certified the Republic Records single platinum on Friday, April 19. This means that since its debut last year, it has sold over a million copies.

Queen Barb released a “SLEEZEMIX” of the Pink Friday 2 cut that same day, extending it to “fuck the club up.” With appearances from Sexyy Red, Chris Brown, and Travis Scott, the alternate version gives the hit movie a fresh new look.

“She gon’ think I popped a pill ’cause I fucked her ’til she burst/ Yeah, let me see you work/ Can you twerk, can you squirt?/ All this money on me soon as I hit the club, they get alert,” La Flame raps, adding some raunchiness to the speaker-slapping chorus.

Pulse-pounding news about Breezy having slept with an OnlyFans star keeps fans excited, and the popular song “Pound Town” reminds them she’s not to be toyed with.

“In the club, who thinks they can fuck with Sexyy?/ Fucked up, hoes muggin’, I’ll beat you ass.” I hang out with these shooters, so why would you put me to the test? I know I’m a nasty bitch, but this crap can get messy. Just look at my best friend; I don’t even need to lift a finger,” she cautions.

Nicki Minaj first disclosed in January that the song in question was intended for Drake’s album For All the Dogs. When she played J. Cole songs from her most recent album, she also revealed that it was one of his early favorites.

“I played him ‘FTCU’ after I played him [the song ‘Let Me Calm Down,’ which features the Fayetteville native,” she said to Zane Lowe of Apple Music. “Hey, I don’t like to play my music, but I’ll play you something else,” I said. I therefore gave him that. His response upon hearing the second stanza was, “Why is that song so high [on the tracklist]?”


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