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Nicki Minaj Threatens To Fire Tour DJ For Signing Fan’s Boobs

Nicki Minaj is not happy with her tour DJ after he posted a picture of himself signing a fan’s breasts at one of her concerts. DJ Boof shared the image on social media, boasting about signing someone’s boobs during the Pink Friday 2 Tour. When Nicki saw the screenshot, she responded saying she would fire him if she ever saw him doing it again.

It’s interesting that Nicki Minaj was upset about her DJ signing fans’ breasts, considering she mentioned planning to do it herself back in February. On an Instagram livestream, she joked about signing boobs again and gave instructions for fans to follow if they wanted her signature. However, her recent reaction suggests a change of heart.

In different news, the 41-year-old rapper had to cancel her concert in Manchester, England. This happened because Dutch police detained her in Amsterdam for having marijuana, which is seen as a “soft drug” there.

Nicki Minaj was supposed to perform at Co-Op Live in Manchester last week. But after she got detained by the police in Amsterdam for having marijuana, the venue announced that the concert couldn’t happen as planned. They said they were sorry for any trouble and that they’d share details about a new date for the show soon. So, if you had tickets, they’ll still be good for the rescheduled concert.

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