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New Se*yy Red in High School Fight Resurfaces – Watch

A video of Sexyy Red getting into a fight during high school caught people’s attention online. It’s not about her music this time. The clip, originally from her high school days, surfaced again on social media.

The video, shared by @__plugtalk__ on Sunday, shows the rapper in a scuffle with another girl in a classroom. It’s an old clip that first popped up in 2023 but has made its way back into the spotlight.

In the video, Sexyy Red starts hitting the other student from behind, and they end up fighting in front of their classmates. Even though a teacher tries to intervene, they struggle to stop the fight. Red holds onto the other girl’s hair tightly and continues to throw punches.

Red confirmed the authenticity of the video on X, writing, “Been on Det!!!!” alongside the post containing the old footage.

After the old fight video resurfaced, Sexyy Red faced another setback when her local high school in St. Louis denied her entry for smelling like marijuana.

In April, Red shared videos on her Instagram Story where she arrived at the high school to meet her young fans. However, her visit didn’t go as planned. Despite trying to engage with the students and even twerking from her car’s sunroof, the school staff stopped her from entering, citing the smell of weed.

In a video, Red expressed her frustration, stating, “I came here, all dressed up, trying to connect with the kids and they kick me out, saying I smell like weed.” She then vented her anger towards the staff before reminding them of her popularity among the students.

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