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Ne-Yo NPR debut

Ne-Yo brought Uses all Hit for Debut Performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk this week

This week, Ne-Yo made his debut on NPR’s Tiny Desk and brought the hits.

The renowned singer sang a medley of his own big songs and chart-topping songs he composed for other artists, such as Mario’s “Let Me Love You,” Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable,” and Rihanna’s “Take a Bow,” during the Friday, April 26 premiere.

Alongside hits like “Miss Independent,” “Because of You,” “So Sick,” and “Sexy Love,” the gifted musician also made his music debut with “Two Million Secrets.”

He remarked of the song, “This one took a little bit of growth on my part to even write, and even more to sing.” The message of this song is essentially to own your sh*t. No one is beyond making errors or being forgiven. You improve and never give up. This song is a confession rather than a tune.

Given that Ne-Yo recently went through a tumultuous divorce from Crystal Renae, a song about accepting responsibility for your faults seems appropriate for him.

He is currently dealing with some very serious accusations from Sade Bagnerise, his former lover.

Bagnerise, who has two kids with the R&B artist, is seen filming Ne-Yo inside his house in an Instagram Live video that went viral on Wednesday, April 24. She accuses him of “body slamming” her.

She also says that when their two young sons were home, he had prostitutes and narcotics.

As her children sleep on the bed behind him, Sade teases her ex-boyfriend, “Tell them about the freak-off, Diddy Junior,” while he plays a video game.

“He’s calling the police, y’all,” she continues. You know what you did, Ne-Yo says, “Is that what happened? You body slammed me on the floor.”

In an attempt to put his former girlfriend behind him, the “Because of You” singer claims he sought to “remove” her from his house because she was “causing a commotion.”

More backstabbing ensues before Sade accuses Ne-Yo of “want[ing] hoes over at the house while his kids are here.” When his kids are home, this n-gga enjoys having prostitutes, beer, cannabis, drugs, and hoes in the house.




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