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Lil Wayne Son Reveals Which Rapper He Thinks Is The ‘New Lil Wayne’

Lil Wayne is a legendary rapper, and his son Lil Novi, also known as Neal, recently shared his thoughts on who he sees as the next big thing in rap. In an interview with Flophouse Atlanta, Lil Novi was asked about the greatest rapper of all time, and while he acknowledged his dad’s status, he named Playboi Carti as someone who’s on a similar level now. Lil Novi believes that Carti has achieved significant success and has made a big impact in the rap scene, comparing him to his father, Lil Wayne.

Lil Novi is stepping into the music world following his father’s path, but opinions among fans are mixed about his early efforts.

In March, the 14-year-old showcased a snippet of a new song on Instagram, accompanied by energetic gestures and dancing. His style takes cues from artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, and Yeat, featuring distorted high-pitched vocals over a bass-heavy, video game-inspired beat. Though the full lyrics are difficult to decipher, references to drug use and sex can be heard.

Following the clip’s circulation online, fans voiced their opinions on social media, with some expressing disappointment. Critics questioned why Lil Novi wasn’t matching his father’s prowess, while others offered more optimistic views, suggesting he might improve over time.

Lil Novi, born in November 2009 during Lil Wayne’s relationship with Nivea, is the only child the pair share. Despite their on-again, off-again history, they finally parted ways in 2010. Lil Wayne has three other children from different relationships: Reginae, 25; Dwayne Carter III, 15; and Kameron, 14.

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