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Kodack black drug case

Kodak Black Achieve Legal Victory on Recent Drug Case

Kodak Black drug case was completely dropped, giving him a unique legal victory.

The Florida rapper, whose actual name is Bill Kapri, was detained in December on suspicion of possessing cocaine, tampering with tangible evidence, and parking his car inappropriately.

Earlier this year, the drug possession allegation was dropped after lab testing revealed the substance was actually oxycodone, for which Kodak had a prescription.

As to TMZ, a court dismissed the last accusation of witness tampering this week, thereby ending the case.

“The court recognized the valid arguments that were made to dismiss the last remaining count of this wrongful arrest,” said Bradford Cohen, Yak’s attorney, in a statement. We are glad that the matter has been settled and that Kodak is still doing well in his charitable endeavors in the entertainment industry.

The traffic citation is the sole remaining offense related to the arrest.

In February, Kodak Black was freed from prison after the drug possession charges were withdrawn.

But not long after he was released from Broward County Jail, Kodak ran into trouble with the local press.

The 26-year-old was shown ranting nonsensically and throwing rocks at the broadcaster’s photographer in a video that was taken by WPLG Local 10.

As he was leaving the jail, he also made threats to attack a reporter.





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