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Kanye West Lawsuit

Kanye West is accused of discriminating against Black employees In recent lawsuit

An ex-employee has filed a new lawsuit alleging discrimination against Black men and women on Kanye West‘s staff. The case names Kanye West as a defendant.

Page Six was able to receive court records that were filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, April 26. The filings claim that West’s actions caused Benjamin Deshon Provo, a former security officer at the Donda Academy, to experience “severe emotional distress.”

Part of the lawsuit stated that Provo and other black employees were treated less favorably than their white counterparts by Kanye and members of his management team. “In particular, Kanye West never even raised his voice toward white staff—instead, he berated and screamed at black employees on a regular basis.”

Additionally, Provo claimed that West would make fun of his Black workers for donning locs, despite the fact that Provo acknowledged that he did so since it was a requirement of his Muslim faith.

“Kanye and members of his management team required Provo to choose between these critical aspects of his self-identity and financial stability,” the complaint continued. “Indeed, at the direction of Kanye, Provo was given the ultimatum, cut his hair, or be fired.”

In addition to being forced to cut his hair, Provo alleged that Kanye West would ban books from prominent Black leaders, including Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

Provo didn’t request a specific amount in damages in his lawsuit.

Another former employee of Donda Academy, Trevor Phillips, filed a case earlier this month and made multiple accusations of abuse and discrimination against the Chicago native. He started working for the contentious organization in 2022, and according to TMZ, he is currently suing Ye for harassment, discrimination, and fostering a hostile work environment.

Legal records claim that the Yeezy CEO “bullied” Black workers, discussed porn addiction frequently, and even admitted to “masturbating a lot” even though he was used to orgies.

Furthermore, Phillips posted an audio that he says features his former employer declaring, “Gay people are not true Christians.” Additionally, Bill Gates manipulates homosexuals to prevent them from having children in order to control the population.

The complaint further asserts that the hitmaker of “Flashing Lights” declared that “Jews are greedy” and “Hitler was great.”

In the same lawsuit, Phillips claimed that Kanye threatened to attack him during what he called a “temper tantrum,” “installed a jail at his school to ‘cage’ students,” and “gave preferential treatment to White employees.”

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