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Fat Joe femininity


The increasing “femininity” of Hip Hop amongst straight rappers does not sit well with Fat Joe, who believes it would never have been accepted in his day.

Joey Crack made it apparent during an Instagram Live video on Friday, April 26, that his criticism is directed against folks who identify as straight but nonetheless wear dresses and paint their nails. He does not, in fact, have anything against homosexual people.

He started, saying, “Listen, guys, don’t misunderstand my words for the LBGT.” “That’s your crap if you’re homosexual and you love to be gay. That has nothing to do with me at all. My best friend is my gay brother. I could care less. However, this femininity, this boxing thing—you know, the stuff we see—he’s claiming to be a girl. Man, hurry up. You are playing around!

We’ve gone a long way toward accepting people for who they are, and I just wonder—everyone ought to be welcomed for who they are or what they want to do in life. That is not our concern. However, I question whether in the 1990s, during the heyday, when we had actual, dedicated crews… It appears to be a pattern.

“After all, homosexuality predates the birth of Christ. It has existed forever. Individuals are that way by birth. Nice. Although it doesn’t bother me, it seems to be a style or trend. You know, these guys that walk around with Birkin bags or paint their nails, and I don’t think they’re gay. Sadly, it’s depressing to have innovators followed by a lot of “running with the swag or running with the style.”

“It feels like it’s been a new trend, new swag, a new style,” the 53-year-old stated before admitting that Prince did it (even if he wasn’t a rapper). Put on a dress, utilize a bag, and paint your nails. If it became popular, I wonder if it would be viewed in the same way in my time. To see what rapper could pull that off would amaze me. Simply said, I don’t think we would have witnessed that in my generation.

On his weekly Instagram Live streams, Fat Joe is not afraid to voice his opinions. In one such session, he expressed doubts that K.Dot will respond, suggesting that the Drake and Kendrick Lamar spat may be reaching its peak.

He offered his thoughts on the scenario that has been dominating the hip-hop scene for the past month last week.

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