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Drake’s “Push Ups” Leaves Questlove in Husterics

Drake’s diss track “Push Ups,” which was directed at Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Metro Boomin, and other celebrities, was transformed into a Motown hit and has been making the rounds online. Questlove is one of the people who is really enjoying it.

The remix started making the rounds on social media earlier this week. The origins and manufacturing process of the joint are still unknown, but its comic value has garnered a lot of attention.


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The Roots drummer reshared a screen grab of a Twitter tweet from Rap Marathon on Friday, April 26, highlighting how much funnier the sentence that follows sounds after the makeover: “Metro, get over it and start making some drums, n-gga.”

He captioned it, “Dog [five star emojis].” The mofo who allowed that pregnant pause on “make some drums n^*^%”————like the way he leaned into “druuuuuuuums..” Man, even my self-esteem dropped. That’s the one dog I have in this game.

“This particular song made me miss every uncle I’ve ever had in my life, like that voice you hear through clenched teeth when you’re a 70s baby.”

“If you don’t GIIIIIT!!!!” he said, as if he knew you would already receive a Benny Hill smack in the back of your head while walking to the pre-wrappin’ before he revealed to you what you, Big Mark, and Weeski had done to Miss Janie’s rear window by throwing the pink rubberball like a baseball.

“I’m killing myself over that ONE LINE.”

“Shut cho hoe a^^ up,” he said in closing. “These are the seconds that make this hilarious.”then the most disheartening thing happened: “I know Ms. Mccrae raised you better than that boy, stop lightin’ them smoke bombs on that abandoned car yall know that’s the sun who didn’t make it back from Vietnam.”

“@champagnepapi You have to adore this man as well. (For the record, I’m not playing this game but I’d rather see you collaborating.)


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