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Chris Brown Quavo Diss

Chris Brown Refers to Quavo “Weakest Link” on Diss Track

With the release of a new diss track in which Chris Brown makes some very personal jabs at his opponent, Chris Brown has escalated his contempt for Quavo to a whole new level.

The Virginia native’s song “Weakest Link” was made available online on Friday, April 19, and featured a cover photo of the Migos star chowing down on a hot dog.

On the song, Breezy claims to have slept with Saweetie when she was still dating the 33-year-old, responding to his rival’s affair with his ex-girlfriend: Because I fucked your ex when you were still with her, bitch, I’m up, lil nigga. You fucked my ex-ho, that’s great, I don’t give no fuck, lil nigga.

Then, by mentioning the Southern rapper and former groupmate Takeoff, who was cruelly shot and died two years ago at the age of 28, he raises the fire up even further.

“Takeoff, he’s the only real one, and I got true respect. It’s crazy how everyone really wished it was you when he passed away,” he spits on the cutting board.

The Grammy winner called Adin Ross when he was livestreaming the song shortly after it dropped, saying, “I got to go crazy.” They must cease their games with me.

Quavo made fun of the singer earlier this month for his alleged liaison with Karrueche Tran, who was once in a relationship with the “Look At Me Now” hitmaker.

The lyrics “You did the bitch wrong and now the bitch gone, she posted with a thug/ Call the bitch phone, she won’t come home, don’t beat her up/ It must be the drugs, need to cross out your plug” on his song “Tender” refers to Brown’s history of drug use and domestic abuse.


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