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Chris Brown nightclub

Chris Brown Fans are Certain that his Wild Club Story Revolves Around Kanye West.

Fans of Chris Brown are certain that the bizarre nightclub incident he told involves Kanye West.

While participating in a game on Tank and J Valentine’s R&B Money podcast, Breezy had to think of a “funny or fucked up” anecdote without naming any specific people.

Brown started, “There was this artist, you know, a huge artist, and this artist wanted to go out to the club with us.” I’m thinking, “Okay, that’s cool. It’s turn up night, it’s n-gga night. There was another performer, and the song they were playing was the top tune in the nation.

“We are the club members. I see to it that every woman in the section is present. On stage, the other performer begins to sing the song. The entire building bursts, with everyone going insane.

“I look over to this person,” he said again. Not a smile, not a head nod, nothing at all is what I mean. I glance back at the artist. When I looked back to see the person in my area, they had already left, and I couldn’t see him. “Where this n-gga went?” is how I feel.

“I raise my gaze. Adjacent to the performer of the song on the DJ booth is the n-gga. The n-gga takes the mic when the song ends. I believe he is going to perform one of his tunes. The n-gga rants for forty-five minutes. I mean, speaking everything about nothing is what I mean.

Then, Brown remembers how disappointed he was to see the “fine” women depart the club and how the mood had changed from a celebration to something like to a “waiting room in Hell.”

Twenty to thirty minutes later, when Breezy returned to the club floor, the artist had disappeared into a “secret resting area” and he was irritated to see that the artist was still screaming. Fans thought he was referring to Kanye because of a specific passage in his tirade.

The R&B singer went on, “For me, at least, this is how it ended.” The last thing I hear is, ‘They aint even sticking their finger in my booty, such and such!’ I’m not even that kind of player! Yes, I’m out this muthafucka, I said.

I yelled, “You gotta be the n-gga to stop letting this n-gga be like this!” to our common buddy who was present. You have to have the confidence to urge your pals to stop being yes men. You must be saying to yourself, “Look, n-gga, this ain’t it.” I then departed the club.

Famously, Amber Rose, Kanye’s ex-girlfriend, stated in 2016 that she would finger the rapper’s butthole while they were dating.

She tweeted in response to Ye’s online tirade, in which she and her former partner Wiz Khalifa were singled out: “Awww @kanyewest are u mad I’m not around to play in ur asshole anymore? #BootyAssBitch #FingersIn

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