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Cam’ron disclosed that he and Ma$e had collaborated on an album, however the release of the record has been delayed.

While lounging on a yacht, Killa Cam made a revelation on Instagram Live: “Me and Ma$e got an album.” We can’t release it, he said! I’m not sure what the topic is. We performed seven songs. After we finish the songs, he says, “No.”

“I’m not sure why Ma$e is holding onto them. However, we didn’t get tunes together. Simply put, I’m not permitted to play them.

Additionally, Cam’ron revealed that his co-host on It’s What It Is has access to a vast collection of unreleased songs, some of which is “really good.”


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“Ma$e has crazy songs.” They shits are also hot. “Every Ma$e song is hot,” he went on. “I won’t be the one to front; he has some really, really good songs.” Why is he clinging to them? That is beyond my ability to respond. What Ma$e is holding onto these tunes for, I’m not sure.

“When I asked if I could play them, he said no.” Perhaps they are only for his amusement. Still, I hear them and find them enjoyable. Believe me, I would gladly play this garbage Ma$e plays for myself.

The legendary member of Dipset has previously hinted at touring with their sports talk show and teased new music with Ma$e.

He told GQ earlier this year, “Ma$e comes back from tour on January 20, so maybe we’ll take the show on the road around the end of February or March.”

“He also says he and Ma$e already have a few songs together, though Ma$e has the final say when to drop them,” the interviewer went on to explain.

Cam’s most recent solo endeavor, The Lost Tapes Vol. 1, which came out in 2023, was Ma$e’s first album release since Welcome Back in 2004.

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