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Boosie Badazz yung bleu Lawsuit


Boosie Badazz wrote a lengthy tirade regarding the Yung Bleu lawsuit that was aimed directly at his former artist. He did this in a very transparent and public manner.

The Baton Rouge resident argued that there was an unidentified group of people that “made more money” when the two of them were arguing on X, the former name for Twitter, on Friday, April 26.

“bluevandross He wrote, in part, “Can you Halla at @empire and everyone get together and pay me my money and get this over with?” They want us to continue needing to appear in court, my nigga.By covering your legal fees, they are pulling you deeper into the whole. WHY DO THEY NOT WANT TO PAY YOU AND TAKE THIS NEGLIGENCE AWAY FROM YOU?THEY MAKE MORE MONEY WITH US BEEFING MY N-GGA, WHICH IS WHY.

After signing with Boosie’s Bad Azz Music Syndicate in 2016 and releasing several projects under the label, Yung Bleu left in 2019 after Boosie gave him permission to sign with another label. In 2020, Bleu secured an agreement with EMPIRE for the distribution of his Vandross Music Group label.

Although there is still goodwill between the two rappers, Boosie wants to resolve a contractual disagreement that arose from the Moon Boy star’s exit from Bad Azz Music Syndicate through legal action.

The legendary Baton Rouge player claims someone close to Bleu are trying to pull him out of a contract, but he still thinks he will win and get paid what he deserves.

“I have to take everyone to court,” he stated in a 2022 interview. It’s not actually Yung Bleu; it’s just the folks who organized it. They made some terrible business decisions that will come back to haunt them all. Bro, I was just fucked up. Not that I hold Bleu responsible, but I got ’em. It’s crazy, this stuff.

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