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Ashanti pregnancy

Ashanti is rude to Nelly for joking about her pregnancy.

Since rekindling their romance last year, Ashanti and Nelly have appeared to be a happy couple, but the rapper from St. Louis has swiftly learnt not to make fun of his fiancée’s pregnancy.

On Sunday, April 28, Nelly posted a humorous photo to his Instagram Stories showing him trying to disguise his discomfort while Ashanti, who is extremely pregnant, sits on his knee.

Naturally, not lovely I’m doing great! He joked in the caption, “Luv u2 @ashanti,” seemingly in response to the singer’s question about whether he was in agony.

After that, Ashanti posted the image to her own Instagram Stories and made a jesting threat to beat up her soon-to-be baby daddy for making fun of her.

“Lmaoooooo!!!!! Sweetheart! “I’m going to kill you!” she wrote.

Nelly tried to appease Ashanti by telling her that she is the same size as she was when they first started dating, but she was met with an insensitive response.

“What, my dear????” I remained silent..!! You seem to be the same size as you were in 2005 to me. He penned.

“Lmfaoooooooo!!!!” was Ashanti’s response. I’ll go get these 2005 bikini pictures out!

Ashanti has verified the long-running rumor that she is expecting a child with Nelly earlier in April.

The artist revealed the news in an Instagram video that featured a prerecorded skit in a fitting collaboration with Proov fertility testing and Essence magazine.

The 43-year-old’s staff signals for her to go on stage in the behind-the-scenes video, but before she does, her mother and manager Tina Douglas inquire, “Shan, how much time you need?”

Ashanti responds, “Oh, I’m gonna need about nine months,” as she moves into the picture.

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