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50 Cent Speaks on the Spat Between Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis

In the ongoing spat between Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis, 50 Cent has weighed in on a startling assertion and stated that he believes it, a belief that has allowed him to make some personal jabs.

The head of G-Unit, on Saturday, April 27, shared some tweets from Davis, who made multiple jabs at Fif’s friend-turned-enemy Mayweather. Among his statements was that Floyd required “a wire” in order to travel “home.”

Davis had just stated that Mayweather was being held captive in Dubai, therefore this was a reference to that assertion.

Davis posted on Instagram, “[He’s] in Dubai and can’t leave because he been taking n-ggas money and not doing what they paid him to do.”

50 Cent wrote, “Oh nah this shit is real,” seemingly taking Davis at his word. If it weren’t official, [Davis] would not utter no crap like that. Champ [Mayweather] and I have a falling out, but he’s my brother. If he needs money, I have some!”


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“Pretty Boy Floyd” claimed earlier this week that other competitors were copying his flash without putting in the necessary work, which is what started the spat between the boxers.

Taking this as a clear affront, Davis responded by laying out his hostage allegation.

Although there is no proof that Mayweather is being detained in Dubai, his social media accounts show that he was there at the beginning of the month.

Naturally, Fif isn’t afraid to make fun of Floyd Mayweather. In fact, he mocked the boxer for his position on Diddy’s most recent accusations of sexual assault back in February.

During an appearance on The Pivot Podcast, the former boxer declined to criticize the Bad Boy CEO in response to claims that he had abused four women, including Cassie, his ex-girlfriend.

“I will not speak poorly of P. Diddy,” Mayweather declared. Since he remains a Black man. Errors occur. And while I’m not sure if that was a mistake or not, life happens. Furthermore, P. Diddy’s company is P. Diddy’s company. It is not my responsibility or anyone else’s to go online and kick and trample a man while he is on the ground.

In my opinion, it is not my concern. It’s not right in the slightest, and I don’t support it. I would be hurt even if that were to happen to my daughter, but it was her decision.

On February 21, 50 posted a video of Mayweather’s remarks on Instagram, criticizing his longtime opponent.

“[Sad face emoji] They didn’t even ask him about this, Champ. Are you dumb or are you stupid?,” he wrote. I can’t stop laughing; you seem like a hater. DID YOU DO IT? COMING shortly.

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