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50 Cent ‘Only Flying Private’ Over Safety Concerns: ‘I Can’t Go Out Like That’

50 Cent recently announced that he’ll exclusively fly via private jet due to safety concerns related to airlines. This decision follows reports that Boeing aircraft might have a potential risk of exploding.

Sharing a screenshot of the report on Instagram, 50 Cent commented, “Ok im only flying private fvck this, I can’t go out like that.”

According to the Daily Mail, Boeing’s 777 jets might have an electrical fault called electrostatic discharge, which could cause the wings to catch fire. The Federal Aviation Administration recommended Boeing to spend nearly $700,000 to fix the issue, although they denied issuing the order previously.

Boeing firmly denied the report, calling it “misleading and reckless,” stating that air travel remains the safest form of transportation. They emphasized the redundancies in modern commercial airplanes to ensure safety, highlighting the 777 fleet’s safe operation over nearly 30 years.

Private air travel is not new to hip-hop stars. Drake and Rick Ross notably own customized private jets to promote their brands. However, Drake faced criticism for environmental reasons due to his frequent use of the private jet. Despite backlash, Drake defended himself, clarifying that some flights were for logistics purposes.

Drake’s private plane reportedly costs around $200 million and resembles a luxurious hotel. The Boeing 767 plane is equipped with lavish features like leather chairs, velvet sofas, and a widescreen television, with Drake’s OVO owl logo adorning the exterior.


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